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$ Savings

Making Apartment
Renting Affordable

At South Side Investments, we work to keep your rents affordable and find ways to help you save money!  We want to keep the cost of living as low as possible to have happy, long term tenants. 

High End Sale

South Side Investments is offering a temporary deal on some of our higher end apartments right now.  If you sign a 12 month lease on any apartment with rent of $1,000 a month and higher we will give you the first month free!

Call today for more details.

$100 Referral Fee

South Side Investments offers tenants $100 off of their rent for each of your friends that you refer to us that sign a 12 month lease. Contact us for more information.

Utilities Included*

In about half of our properties, South Side Investments covers the cost of electricity to heat the hot water.  This can provide tenants with a savings of between $20 to $80 per month.

*Not available at all locations.

Contact the Front Office for a list of the buildings where we provide this service.

About South Side Investments

South Side Investments was established in 1976. Owner George Janosky, made his first property investment by purchasing a triplex for his family to live in while studying as a senior pharmacy student at WSU. He soon added another apartment to the property, converting the building to a 4-plex and bringing in his first tenant. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now with 40+ properties on Spokane’s South Hill, South Side Investments remains locally owned and operated with a commitment to supporting the neighborhood. This means your rent dollars are invested back here in the local community through neighborhood building improvements, locally sourced loans, and though contributions to local homeless charities. 

As part of this local commitment to the South Hill neighborhood, we also keep our offices located conveniently nearby our properties at 14016 W. 9th Ave, meaning that you can feel free to drop by at any time during business hours to talk to George and the staff!

Our Staff

George Janosky


George has owned and managed his own apartment buildings on the lower South Hill in Spokane since 1976, which was his last year at WSU pharmacy school. He received 3 degrees at UW and WSU.

Marshall LaFave

General Manager

Marshall is loved by all of our tenants, and is so much of an Oregon Ducks fan that he has webbed feet! You can Call Marshall with any questions or concerns regarding South Side Investments

Stephanie Borie

Head Leasing Agent

Stephanie is here to help you find the perfect apartment to fit with your budget and the amenities you’re looking for. Tell her what you’re looking for, she’ll be happy to show you all we have available!

Miranda Colwes

Office Assistant

Miranda is always happy to assist you with any general questions you might have about South Side Investments. Feel free to give her a call.

South Side Investments

1406 W. 9th Ave., Spokane, WA 99204

Please call during office hours:

8 AM to 4:30 PM